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Larry Connors - Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed - 3 DVDs

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In Larry Connors will teach you how to trade using his best market-timing strategies for identifying sharp (and often violent) reversals. Larry will teach you his 20 extensively researched and proven timing models (9 of which have never been made public before), plus how to combine them into one super market-timing matrix that gives you a high-probability bias on market direction for the upcoming day. Many times, you will be buying along with the specialists near market bottoms and selling/shorting with the specialists near market tops. 

This remains one of the biggest edges traders have available to them and now you can learn how it is done!

Here Is What You Will Learn From Larry's Recently Released Video Course

Section I: Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed - Here's How The Professionals Do It

Larry will teach you the underlying philosophy and logic of his market-timing models. You will develop the confidence needed to execute the trade when buy and sell signals are triggered -- even when the rest of Wall Street is telling you to do the opposite. You will learn:

  • By far, the best and most reliable way to identify and trade major market reversals. Larry will teach you how extremes in fear and greed predict sharp, violent reversals. Once you fully grasp this, your view of the market will change forever. You will get into the habit of seeing the buying opportunities when Wall Street is filled with fear. And you will know that it's time to exit or get short when the rest of Wall Street is in a buying frenzy

  • The single most important -- yet least understood -- factor in any decision you make to buy or sell a stock. Larry will show you how any stock you buy is 70% to 80% dependant upon the direction of the overall market, and not the technical setups that everybody follows. When you complete Larry's course, you will know precisely how to integrate Larry's market-timing strategies in formulating your daily trading battle plan -- whether you trade stocks or indices

  • Three key factors that identify the most substantial 1- to 7-day gains. You will learn to interpret the intensity and emotion in a market swing and the market's direction going into a reversal. By doing this, you will be able to gauge how sharp and violent a reversal will be...and then factor this into your trading

  • How to read the true meaning behind the opinions of the news media, brokerage houses, and other traders. Larry will teach you how to take advantage of the often-misguided opinions of Wall Street institutions and other traders to confirm reversal signals triggered by his key market-timing models

  • The 8 best markets to trade using Larry's market-timing models. You will learn how different markets offer you varying levels of trading efficiency. This is critical! If you are going to take full advantage of Larry's market-timing strategies, you must learn how tightly these 8 markets are influenced by the overall market. Larry will teach you precisely what these 8 markets are in order of preference. ( Hint: The one that is the favorite of the trading public is the one that gives you the worst odds. Is this the market you're trading today?)

Section II: Applying The Market-Timing Strategies To Your Trading - Especially For Stock and S&P/E-Mini Traders

In this section, Larry will show you how to apply his 20 best market-timing strategies. Included will be the Connors VIX Reversals (CVRs) 1 through 14, 4 Market Reversal Strategies, and 2 TRIN strategies. Of these, 9 strategies have never been disclosed publicly before. In addition to gaining an intimate understanding of each of these strategies, you will gain these valuable insights -- available only in Larry's course:

  • The single most powerful CVR signal. Larry will reveal the one CVR signal that is so reliable that he will aggressively put on a full position based on this alert alone -- in the absence of confirmation from his market-timing strategies. The next time this signal is triggered (approximately 20 times a year), this knowledge will enable you to swiftly, precisely and unhesitatingly pounce on the potentially huge move to come

  • How to boost the probability of CVR strategies. If you want higher-probability signals, Larry will show you how to adjust one variable in certain CVR strategies which allows the "rubber band to stretch" even more. You'll get fewer alerts, but those you do get will be more potent

  • Specific entry and exit strategies to get the best trading results from all of Larry's strategies. Larry will teach you the entry and exit rules that give you the best performance. While you can use the rules Larry provides, you are also free to adjust them to meet your own trading style and tolerance for risk. 

  • Trade fast "snap back" reversals in the S&Ps, Nasdaq and Semiconductor markets using Larry's Market Reversal Signals. You will learn 4 market-timing strategies that Larry has never before revealed publicly. These strategies identify specific patterns that tell you when these markets that have moved too far too fast. When that happens, they tend to revert the mean. In plain English: The rubber band gets pulled too far, and it "snaps back" violently

  • The 6 most powerful combinations of market-timing signals. Larry will show you the specific combinations of market-timing signals that produce the most probable and powerful market moves . Once you have this never-before-published knowledge, you will be able increase your odds of hitting homerun trades.

Section III: The Real Holy Grail...Never Trade Without It!

Before being taught how to put the entire game plan together, Larry will provide you with the one key that is essential for lifetime trading success: proper risk control. Larry will teach you the essential rules of money management, including stops, trailing stops, and profit-taking. You will learn:

  • Larry's Best Strategy for Taking Profits. Larry will teach you one of the best money management strategies ever devised. This approach, properly executed, turns any profitable trade into a free trade. You are able to let your profits run -- but do so stress-free because you have sold off part of your position to pay for all its initial cost. 

  • The 5 Habits Of Losing Traders...And How You Must Avoid Them. Larry will walk you through each of the common mistakes that traders ( even experienced ones) make. You will learn how any one of these mistakes can spell disaster and why it is vital to overcome every single one of them. 

  • Why stops are essential and how it is necessary to view them as an insurance policy. Larry will teach you what happens in situations where you apply tight stops and loose stops...and what the characteristics of each are. Plus, you will learn how to use second entries in order to be able to reap the rewards of correct market-timing signals, even when a volatile market stops you out. 

  • Larry's favorite approach for trailing stops. Larry will show the approach to trailing stops that works best for him. When you incorporate this structured plan, you'll be able to maximize the profit potential of homerun trades

Section IV: Buy The Fear, Sell The Greed - Putting It Into Play

The best part of all this knowledge is that every day, in less than 30 seconds, you will be able use the Connors' Market Timing MATRIX to identify tomorrow's probable market direction. Now, with the Connors' MATRIX, you have the knowledge you need to combine the strengths of all of Larry's market-timing strategies into one powerful indicator. By organizing the information as Larry instructs, you will be able to quickly determine the likely direction for tomorrow's market. And most of the time, you will be buying in the same direction as the most successful traders in the world -- the specialists!

Order this online video course today! The cost of Buy The Fear, Sell The Greed: Timing The Market Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life video course is $995.00 and includes Larry's 150+ page trading pdf manual teaching you how to be on the same side as the specialists when they make the majority of their money.

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